The rumors about AMD Ryzen 3000 and 12-16 cores

Few days ago, a post was published in WCCFTECH about the Ryzen 3000 series which will appear next year. According to this rumor, AMD will release an AM4 based processor with up to 16 cores.

Although I do not have any information from AMD about these news, I think, IMHO, that these news are completely nonsense, and here’s why.

First, lets look at the marketing: Anything above 8 cores, AMD declare those CPU’s as “HEDT” (High End DeskTop) and they’re selling it in as their Threadripper Line. This line is quite profitable for AMD because:

  1. They use a CPU socket which is 99% compatible with their server offering (Threadripper is TR4, EPYC is SP3), so they already have a solution which theoretically can handle up to 32 cores in the HEDT segment. No need to modify the AM4 socket and no need to re-invent the AM4 based chips just to accept more then 8 cores.
  2. Threadripper is quite profitable. The official 16 cores 1950X model was priced at $999 and today according to Amazon, it sells for $870 (not including the Motherboard and other parts, just the CPU), and since each Threadripper costs to AMD (at least what I heard) is about $180, then AMD makes quite a lot of money from those CPU’s and the last thing AMD wants to do is to kill this cow.
  3. Yes, AMD is moving from 14nm (or 12nm with the current generation of Ryzen AM4 based CPU’s) to 7nm, but Zen2 architecture is different from the Zen+ architecture, which means they’ll need more silicon per core to implement new features, which means they cannot expect a 50% reduction and just stick more cores, and again – not profitable enough.
  4. Price for AMD. 7nm processor manufacturing costs much more compared to 12nm or 14nm. Creating a 12-16 cores AM4 based CPU will cost a lot more so they’ll have to price their CPU’s in the $500+ which means it will cost the consumer much more compared to Intel.

So, my conclusion is: AMD will release new CPU’s and they’ll refresh all their line, starting with their Athlon/Athlon Pro, APU, Ryzen 3/5/7, Threadripper and EPYC, but I don’t see any way that AMD will have A Ryzen 7 (or Ryzen 9?) with 12-14-16-18 cores. We might see it, but my guess is that we’ll see it on the Threadripper line of CPU’s.

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