As a consultant, when I design server systems for customers, one of the requirements is to address security issues – whether it’s communication issues, file permissions, access permissions etc, etc.. One of my personal hobbies, when it comes to security, is to research various gadgets and other systems in terms of security, follow vendor’s track […]

Here are some points when installing oVirt as a nested virtualization.   Please note: As of March 2019, nested virtualization with oVirt and any AMD ZEN/Zen+ based CPU (Ryzen, ThreadRipper, EPYC) does not work. It will be fixed by the oVirt team.   Prep You’ll need a running local DNS server. In the DNS server, […]

oVirt version 4.3 added support for AMD Zen/Zen+ based CPU’s (which include CPU’s starting from Athlon 200 all the way up to EPYC processors).  I have tested it with various boards and CPU’s and it works great! However, There is a serious bug in oVirt – if you want to run oVirt as nested virtualization, […]