oVirt and AMD processors

oVirt version 4.3 added support for AMD Zen/Zen+ based CPU’s (which include CPU’s starting from Athlon 200 all the way up to EPYC processors).  I have tested it with various boards and CPU’s and it works great!

However, There is a serious bug in oVirt – if you want to run oVirt as nested virtualization, when trying to create nodes as VM’s.

Apparently, Zen/Zen+ based CPU’s has a cpu flag called “monitor”. It doesn’t expose it to any VM, whether you’re using any CPU pass-through mode, no matter what virtualization solution you’ll use (I tried it on ESXi, KVM, Hyper-V, Xen).

With other virtualization solution, they simply don’t care about this CPU flag and you can launch VM’s inside nested virtualized environment.

With oVirt, due to a bug, it simply won’t let you launch or create any VM. It will complain about missing cpu feature: monitor.

I have reported this bug, and you can follow this issue in this link. I will update this post once it’s fixed.

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